Safety requirements.

The horse – is a strong, intelligent, gentle and at the same time, shy animal. If frightened by sudden noise, movement, appearance of unknown object, horse can throw forward or to the side, or stand on its hind legs. Some horses may jump on your feet or bite.
Improper handling of the horse, ignorance or failure to comply safety rules can be threatening to your health or even life.
To avoid injury – Always follow safety guidelines.

1. The safety requirements before the riding lesson:

1.1. Strictly follow all the instructions of your coach.
1.2. Handle the horse quiet and kindly.
It is forbidden to shout at the horse, tease, beat, rear the horse backwards and turn sharply. Rough handling can cause aggressive behavior of the horse, which can lead to trauma.
1.3. Do not run in the stable area, keep silence.
1.4. Do not put your hands in to the horse’s box. Horse can bite.
1.5. Give a vocal command to a horse, before approaching it. Always approach a horse from the side it looks at.
1.6. Never approach a horse from behind. It can kick you with hind leg.

2. Safety requirements for saddling horse:

2.1. When saddling a horse put on the reins on the horse’s neck, then put on the bridle, then the saddle.
2.2. If the horse refuses to take the bit, clutching teeth, press your fingers against toothless part of a mouth, horse will unclench his teeth for a while, pull bit into the mouth.
2.3. Be gentle, while putting on the bridle – horse has very sensible ears.
2.4. In case of any difficulty in catching and saddling horse, search for help of a trainer or groom.

3. Safety requirements when taking a horse to arena:

3.1. After taking a horse out of the box, always keep reins in your hand.
3.2. When taking a horse in and out of box always keep the door of the box wide open, so it will not hurt the animal.
3.3. When leading a horse do not stop in the stable aisle or near arena entrance. If the stable passage is blocked – stop the horse and ask for help.
3.4. Lead the horse standing from its left side, holding long rein in your left hand and short rein in your right hand (do not hold the buckles – horse can pull and buckle will hurt your wrist).
3.5. Do not roll the rein on your arm – it can also lead to injury.
3.6. When leading tacked horse in hand be aware that stirrups are pulled up, loosely hanging stirrups can cling on something and this will frighten a horse and cause abuse reactions.
3.7. Leading horse in hand, make sure that distance between your horse and one in front of you is about two lengths of a horses body.
Do not try to hurry the horse in front of you with a whip or flick – a horse can kick.

4. Safety requirements during riding lesson:

4.1. Before you get on a horse check girths and, if necessary, tighten them up (so that between a horse and girths can barely fit two fingers).
4.2. Do not allow a horse to drop its head down because it can damage skin and vessels.
4.3. If your horse started to pull you to the side, tried to walk away from you, do not try to pull it back with the reins, horse is stronger than you, try to stop the horse with one short movement of reins, calm horse, encourage obedience using voice, stroking.
4.4. For riding use shoes, of a size and shape that allows to put your foot in and out of a stirrup easily, with a small heel (2-3 cm). It is not allowed to ride in shoes without a heel, with a corrugated sole or with a thick outsole – in case of the fall, foot in inappropriate shoe can get stuck in the stirrup.
4.6. Mount a horse from the left side, after the trainer’s command. Do not drop the reins while mounting.
4.7. When riding in a line do not try to override a horse in front of you, also try to avoid staying too far behind cause in such case, guided by the herd instinct, your horse can rush suddenly to catch up with others.
4.8. Do not stop on the way of moving horse and do not try to go against the direction of the line. To avoid collision with other riders – always follow left shoulder rule.
4.9. Guide horse quietly and gently, do not pull on the reins.
4.10. To prevent undesired reactions when approaching tractor, dog, bulky unfamiliar objects, etc., take doth reins, calm the horse with your voice, try to distract it introducing new exercise.

5. Security requirements in a critical situation:

5.1. If the horse bolts, lean back and vigorously pull the reins. Than try to put horse in a volt and slow it down on the circling motion reducing its radius.
5.2. If the horse is rearing – give the reins, grab the mane and grasp the horse’s neck, try by active whistling calm it down. Do not lean back and pull the reins – horse can fall on its back.
5.3. If the horse stops and starts to dig with front foot, lowers its head, sniffs the ground immediately lift his head vigorously and send the horse forward.
5.4. In case of falling down drop stirrups and try not to drop reins. If it is impossible to keep the reins in hand, try to move away from the horse and do not stand up immediately (so the horse will not kick). After the fall do not try to chase the horse.

6. Security requirements at the end of a riding lesson:

6.1. Drop both stirrups before you get off the horse. Dismount with one swing movement of your right leg over the horse’s croup.
6.2. After dismounting, do not leave the horse unattended. Do not tie a horse with a bridle to bars and watertroughs in the stall, to fences and stands, etc.
63. Do not ride into a stable, walk horse in hands.
6.4. When horse is back to its box, turn it so that it’s head is facing the door, and then take off the bridle, leave the box and close the door securely.
6.5. Treat the horse with carrots, sliced apples, crackers or sugar before leaving. Give treats on the open palm.
6.6. It is not allowed to smoke in the stables and arenas of our club. Follow fire safety rules, it will help us to avoid emergency situations.

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